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What type of shoes do racehorses wear?

Posted by hotcrowd on June 8, 2010

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Do racehorses wear the same type of shoes on the dirt track as when they race on turf?

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker – Sandra S. – Top Contributor on Yahoo Answers

Aluminum Horse Shoes are made of lightweight aluminum ideal for race horses so they can run faster..however, there are many different types of racing plates making this a very complicated answer, as followed:

Front Regular Toe Aluminum Racing Plates. The REGULAR TOE is the most popular style plate in use. An excellent all around performer for multiple track surfaces.

Front Low Toe Aluminum Racing Plates. The LOW TOE shoe is used on hard or fast tracks. It provides traction with less strain on tendons and ligaments.

Level Grip or Outer Rim Aluminum Racing Plates. The LEVEL GRIP (Outer Rim) is a great performer, excellent for TURF and DIRT courses. This style features a high outside rim for equal traction and balance. The grip provides 180 degrees of excellent cupping action. This shoe can be used on both front and hind feet.

Front Inner Rim Aluminum Racing Plates. The INNER RIM is popular for deep sandy tracks. The inside rim allows for good traction and stability.

Wedge Aluminum Racing Plates. The WEDGE raises and protects the heel with a solid tapered design. It allows the hoof to roll over faster and reduces tendon and muscle strain. Also useful for horses with low heels caused by concussion, poorly constructed pads, or slow growth. The WEDGE gives immediate and solid support to the heel without causing further deterioration, giving the heel a chance to grow.

Front Jar Calk Aluminum Racing Plates. The JAR CALK shoe is for use on extremely wet, muddy or sloppy race tracks. JAR or MUD CALKS can add stability and traction for the race horse. These shoes should be removed when track conditions improve.

Queens Plate Aluminum Racing Plates. The QUEENS PLATE is for tracks that do not allow inserts, calks or toe grabs that protrude above the plate. This reduces tendon strain and muscle pulls.
Queens Plate XT Aluminum Racing Plates. The QUEENS PLATE XT has a raised toe, only .080 of an inch above the aluminum surface. Not enough to create a positive toe grab, but just enough to increase the traction and wear.

Toe Grabs. Toe grabs are front shoes that have raised anterior portions to provide traction. There are many studies shown over 3x the rate of breakdown using these shoes.

Bar Shoes. A bar shoe is a regular racing plate with a full bar forged between the back extensions of the shoe creating on continuous surface. This shoe protects cracks in hoofs and other foot related injuries. Horses with bar shoes rarely run as well as horses with shod otherwise.

Paying attention to announcements regarding shoes before the races is extremely important, for this can be the difference between winning and losing.

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